Reducing Maintenance Cost and Failures

With Successful Predictive Maintenance


On-Demand Webinar | 35 Minutes


It is one thing to collect data, record processes and transfer information with digital support, but it is another matter to connect them in an intelligent and useful way. The current challenge for railway companies: Make BIG DATA to SMART DATA. Prognoses and predictive maintenance play a major role in further improvement, which is the key to reduce failures and maintenance costs.

We recognizes enormous potential in the medium to long term maintenance planning. For this reason, we want to presentate the topic of predictive maintenance to you with a view on requirements and possibilities of this modern maintenance strategy.


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Meeting maintenance challenges

In the webinar we show you how predictive maintenance can help you reducing costs in the maintenance organisation.

What goals can you achieve using zedas®asset for the maintenance of railway infrastructrure?

  • Comprehensive data analysis to monitor track conditions (track, switches, clearance profile, overhead lines)
  • Identify track defects, clearance bottlenecks and week points
  • Reduce number of failures and unplanned maintenance
  • Deduce maintenance steps and plan resources (personnel, material, equipment)
  • Achieve a consistent data base through revision-proof documentation
  • Forecast maintenance effort based on current data, measurement and maintenance history
  • Asset life cycle management and investment planning for high availability
  • Benefit from mobile maintenance: inspection, documentation and recording on site
  • Optimise maintenance cycles with minimal repair effort and repair costs




„Sucessful predictive maintenance avoids unnecessary maintenance measures and unplanned downtimes.“

Christian Krauss

Sales Manager


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