zedas®secure an Overview

Ensuring the safe digitisation of production 

If you, as the owner, wish to retain digital sovereignty over your plant in an Industry 4.0 environment, with zedas®secure, we can offer you a solution which combines the secure service and deeply staggered defence with simple management by production controllers.

Secure digital sovereignty over your systems

zedas®secure is a comprehensive security concept, especially for critical production infrastructures.

Based on the consistent implementation of design criteria, such as:

Security by Design     Taking into account IT security/data protection in the planning stage
Security by Obscurity   Limiting to necessary information and authorisations
Security by Default   Everything that is not explicitly allowed is locked by default
Security by Himself   Each employee is responsible


It aims to guarantee the system owner control over software, hardware and networks and, in spite of this, to make possible the secure cooperation with suppliers, manufacturers, colleagues, customers, operators and service providers. The technical implementation is standardised, field-tested and scalable. It offers all services and functions which are necessary for collaborative cooperation.

zedas®secure – Protection on multiple levels

Aside from technical solutions, IT security in production requires adequate security management. After extensive experience of IT system integration in production areas, ZEDAS GmbH has developed a protective shield for this area in particular. Implemented in practice, it links tried and tested IT security mechanisms with an unusual staggering of profound defences which are easy to use. Here, zedas®secure offer comprehensive protection on the levels: Software, hardware, network and organisation. It makes it possible to quickly and simply establish secure digital access to the plant for employees and all external service providers to a producing company in a uniform manner.