Ensuring digital sovereignty over production systems

Remote maintenance using zedas®secure exceeds BSI recommendations

The safest remote maintenance end device is switched off. But it is important for the owners of a production system that employees and external service providers can access the systems. How can that work out in practice?

zedas®secure is a comprehensive security concept, especially for critical production infrastructures, which even exceeds the directives of the Federal Office for Information Security (July 2018; Design of remote maintenance access [1]). As it not only comprises architecture, safe communication, authentication mechanisms, organisational and customer-specific requirements, but also the protection of the remote maintenance end devices and their user software.

To this end, zedas®secure makes available remote maintenance applications hardened in dedicated safety zones and virtual computers which are always switched off by default. Computers and applications are only switched on for external access after prior release by internal operating personnel. After the remote maintenance access, the “Switched off” safe initial condition is restored.

“In the future, the further development of the state-of-the-art IT safety solutions will also include the end devices and the software used for the remote maintenance. The limitation to a safe network communication between source and target is not sufficient for safe remote maintenance of industrial systems,” says Ulrich Lieske, authorised representative and head of the System integration unit of ZEDAS GmbH.

Users of the solution from the critical infrastructures area confirm this evaluation and appreciate particularly the regained Digital sovereignty over their production systems.

Do you want to make your production systems safer as well?

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Ulrich Lieske

Head of Business Unit System Integration / Authorised Officer

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