NEW * zedas®asset Multivar: the future of plant diagnosis


Minimize downtime through early fault identification

The aim of every plant operator is to minimize downtime and to ensure the long life of its investment in order to reduce the charge of maintenance and the cost of the plant.

Today our asset management system zedas®asset succeeds to identify changes occurring from the operating data immediately to make recommendations for action and thus to minimize the lifecycle costs and loss of production. In addition the new software module zedas®asset Multivar increases the reliability along with the precision of data analysis in asset diagnosis. After a short training period of asset specific values, zedas®asset Multivar resumes automatically the permanent recording of operating information from PMS or SCADA. It compares all data with the regular value and informs the operator about discontinuities immediately.

The use of our diagnostic software in connection with the new analysis tool zedas®asset  Multivar showed impressive results in pilot projects. Besides potential sensor failures, multivariate methods also can locate faults in systems engineering days before they were registered by the operating personnel or other systems. Sensor errors, which have different effects on the process or distort the process are recognized and reported to the user. This is proven by the method inserts into the wind and mining industries.
The fast detection of possible fault operators achieves essential knowledge to keep the assets running smooth as well as safe. At the same time, service measures to change defect equipment parts or sensors can be launched.

In times when external service partners are used for the maintenance, personnel changes often take place and the maintenance itself is not permanently on site, you build up an independent system-specific maintenance know-how with zedas®. With our solution you can draw the attention of your service personnel. You can also develop knowledge and experience of the staff optimally.

The new software module extends the existing diagnostic tool Multivar zedas®asset. The responsible for system monitoring and maintenance obtain a tool which allows early fault detection as well as identification without additional sensors or instrumentation. Our solution increases system efficiency and reduces downtime costs.