fa/r goes America


fa/r system for tyre retreading is successfully put into operation at FreeService Tire in Tennessee (USA)

In early December, our team was in action, on site at FreeService Tire in Tennessee (USA). The aim was to replace the existing production system with the modern fa/r system, and to integrate this into the VAST ERP/POS system, which was delivered at the same time by our partner Aftersoft Network N.A.

The existing system was replaced without a hitch in less than a day. The integration and interaction of the fa/r production control system with the VAST POS system brings huge benefits for FreeService Tire. The fa/r system ensures seamless communication between the production and commercial levels (ERP, Point of Sale). Furthermore, fa/r also increases the overall efficiency of internal processes on the production level.

FreeService Tire became a client thanks to excellent cooperation with our US partner Aftersoft Network N.A., Allentown.

We look forward to working together and to more interesting projects in the USA in the future.