Product launch - The Resource Manager


The new module for the optimisation of resource utilization is now available.

Plan – Monitor – Optimise with the new module Resource Manager

Nothing is more constant than change because each new planning process also offers a new chance for optimisation. That's why it's important that a modern asset management solution supports you in flexibly, rapidly and appropriately reacting to changes in requirements. Detailed planning and optimisation of upcoming maintenance work tasks are essential elements of this challange.

With the new module PC-Soft GmbH provides a clearer overview of the work tasks of the maintenance and service organisations. All processes can be quickly and easily planned, available resources are displayed and bottlenecks identified at an early stage.

screenshot res.mng asset 3 klein

The new module…

  • supports your workshop and service team in optimally planning upcoming work tasks
  • creates cross-sectoral and cross-organisational transparency for linked processes
  • visualises cost savings potentials and improves resource utilisation
  • ensures demand and quality-oriented use of workshop and service teams
  • enables monitoring of suitabilities and qualifications

The Resource Manager is part of the software suite zedas®asset available now.