SBB Cargo International opts for zedas®cargo


Our experts are successful with a standard solution for the logistics management!

16-04-2012 | With SBB Cargo International a fresh breeze is blowing through Europe’s north-south rail corridor. As a subsidiary of SBB Cargo AG and Hupac AG, SBB Cargo International is a specialist in intermodal freight and block train services. Straightforward, efficient and with Swiss precision the company’s services are directed towards the global flow of goods in Europe. We strive to utilise targeted partnerships to simplify and facilitate transhipment and overland shipment within global logistics chains.

The solution zedas®cargo for logistics management supports SBB Cargo International employees located in Germany, Switzerland and Italy in handling of business and operational business processes. The following requirements for the solution are listed in the specifications:

  • consistent mapping of the value flow
  • affordable solution (investment and operation costs)
  • simple IT system environment
  • short launch / project periods
  • support of the essential requirements
  • internationality and multilingualism

"We were primarily convinced by the product philosophy of an integrated standard solution, combined with the process know-how of the specialists of PC-Soft", says the head of production implementation of SBB Cargo International, Mr. Thomas Senekowitsch.

The solution will link directly the processes of calculation and order management with those of the annual and weekly planning for locomotives and staff as well as operational management. Information on the status of orders is obtained directly from the actual operational data, allowing an exact and prompt customer information as well as comfortable and accurate post calculation of jobs.

Interfaces help to minimize manual processes within the business processes. There are interfaces to infrastructure operators (timetables), to the new train information system TIS (train running data), to customers (transport orders) as well as to Payroll Accounting and SAP systems. The quality of the data reaches a new level simultaneously with reduced effort to collect information respectively internal coordination.

We are delighted to be able to count SBB Cargo International as another important customer within the user-group of the zedas®cargo solution.