zedas®cargo 3.0


Improved technology and functionality in 2012

Based on the proven product philosophy - zedas® as a standard product -, a specialized team of software developers and consultants is working on zedas®cargo 3.0 with many new features.

The software zedas®cargo provides support for railway transport companies for shunting and long-haul traffic. The on-going integration of customers into the innovation management is the basis for the development of the solution zedas®cargo.

Key points of the solution zedas®cargo 3.0:

  • Improved design and operation concept
  • Further integration of processes like order management, resource planning and operational management
  • Additional standard interfaces to infrastructure operators to line management

For railway companies opens up new possibilities for efficient service processes. The solution offers advanced performance and ergonomics.

zedas®cargo 3.0 will be presented first to InnoTrans 2012 in Berlin.


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