HHLA Terminal Burchardkai opts for zedas®asset


HHLA Terminal Burchardkaiis the largest and oldest facility for container handling in the Port of Hamburg. The first steel boxes were unloaded here in 1968 and today the terminal handles one in three of all containers in the Port of Hamburg. Its 25 container gantry cranes move the boxes of more than 1.000 ships berth here every year. Hundreds of railcars are loaded and unloaded daily.

Straddle-carrier, special handling equipment for ISO containers are used as transport vehicles on container terminals. The HLLA Terminal Burchardkai owns and currently operates more than 100 straddle-carriers. To optimally handle the logistics chain requires an efficient management of the overall task of identifying needs, planning, servicing and maintenance of equipment. The software zedas®asset supported the management of the fleet in these tasks from now on.

zedas®asset facilitates as a unified data base the communication between the different areas. Inconsistencies in the data can be avoided and allow a view of the current status of the devices at all times. The various tasks related to the straddle-carrier can be efficiently coordinated. Maintenance and demand are tailored specifically to each other. An equal load of the straddle-carriers would be achieved. This forms the basis for a reduction of repair requirements, and thus reducing the workshop rate. Longer shutdowns of straddle-carriers can be avoided. The result is a marked increase in the availability, reliability and safety of the vehicles. Especially in situations of peak demand is covered to reserve equipment. Comprehensive daily reports allow the evaluation of all operational and technical data and thus form the basis for key strategic decisions.

We are glad to be allowed to count HHLA Terminal Burchardkai to the user circle of the solution zedas®asset.