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port railways track capacitiy

Track capacity management for port railways 

Future proof with digitalization

Rising freight volumes and the many participants involved in processes require a high degree of coordination in the port. In 2019 alone, around 200 trains a day and 150 different RUs – rail undertakings – were using the Port of Hamburg. Smooth communication between the port authorities, rail operators and terminals is vital for effective and non-discriminatory use of track capacity.

Customer portal as digital gateway to the port

Sectoral zedas®cargo software digitalizes all stages from train notification to invoicing. The customer portal marks the start of the continuous communication chain. The customers themselves record enquiries and bookings about infrastructure use on the platform. Complete booking data is available electronically and guarantees high quality data as a planning basis.

Planning and movement control – simpler with Apps

Thanks to easy-to-view Gantt diagrams, the port plan-ner can deal with all incoming enquiries very simply. These display the time elements of all stages of a pro-ject. The dispatcher has access to all essential data for releasing the required resources and smoothly controlling traffic flow. In everyday operation, realtime da-ta is an aid on track occupancy, location, status and freight loaded.Apps especially designed to meet the needs of RUs and marshalling providers are an important element in integrating train drivers and wagon inspectors.

Independently of the traffic control centre, railcar data, for example, are retrieved, shunting moves dis-played, damage recorded, or continuous corrections made, all digitally. The dispatcher in the port has a continual view of moves by RUs or shunting providers.

Invoicing made simple

A wagon’s circulation from arrival to departure is recorded completely and in detail, forming the basis for precise invoicing. Remuneration is automated and transparently notified. In addition, improved adjustments of tariff systems to actual conditions of use is possible. Via the client portal, all data for invoicing their services can be made available in real-time on request to RUs and marshalling suppliers.

ZEDAS’s track capacity management supplies each partner with an individual display of orders – from the enquiry to planning and movement control right up until invoicing for fees. The combination of desktop application, for the control centre, and work instructions per mobile equipment, for workers at the track, creates a continuous communication flow. This enables rail processes in the port to be better controlled, and utilization of track infrastructure optimized.


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